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Surrogacy in BelarusA feature of the country’s health policy is strict state control. The safety of all medical procedures is guaranteed. SurMom surrogacy program in Belarus is implemented under Israeli protocols and under the supervision of Israeli reproductive specialists in the innovative Israeli-Belarusian Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Advanced medical technologies

Candidates for surrogate mothers undergo expensive health diagnostics; the genetic material of the parents is examined. The risks of hereditary abnormalities are minimized by embryo preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This research also makes it possible to determine the sex of the unborn child.

The unique method of embryo incubation after laboratory fertilization helps to reduce the probability of viral infections to zero. All surrogate mothers in Belarus are insured, so there is no risk of additional expenses for the future biological parents in the case of complications during childbirth.

Convenient legal climate and hospitality

A set of legal norms in the sphere of surrogacy has been recently adopted in the Republic of Belarus. According to the law, the surrogate mother’s permission to register the biological parents in the child’s birth certificate is not required.

Belarus can be considered a new type of medical tourism for the implementation of surrogacy programs. For this reason each guest is guaranteed personal attention and care. Not only married, but also a single woman who has her own children, can become surrogate mother in this country.

There is no need for red tape with a visa for a trip to Belarus. In addition to fulfilling the purpose of the trip, you can take a lot of intellectual excursions in Belarus for emotional comfort. Many traditional crafts and trades flourish in the country. Folk masters conduct master classes for guests, teaching them how to make symbolic amulets, interior decorations and dishes.

Link to legislation of Belarus on surrogacy

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