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Ovum Donation in Belarus

Ovum Donation in BelarusMedical tourism is a relatively new phenomenon for Belarus. Foreigners recently have started visiting the country to participate in surrogacy programs and oocyte donation. The advantage of this state of affairs is personal attention to every guest. New Born Company cooperates with the advanced Israeli-Belarusian reproductive center. The quality control of all phases of oocyte donation is provided by authoritative Israeli specialists.

Strict selection criteria for oocyte donors

The database on candidates for oocyte donation in Belarus is constantly expanding. The country has legalized the procedure for paying a reward for participating in such a program. Women are attracted to the opportunity to receive material support and, at the same time, to commit a highly moral act – to help childless couples in the realization of the dream of a child.

Selection of donors in Belarus is quite strict. Only women aged 18 to 30 who are healthy and have healthy children are allowed to participate in the program. An absence of relatives with serious hereditary diseases is taken into account. A woman should not have significant deviations from normal height or weight.

Legislative base

Assisted reproductive technologies have been regulated by the legislation of Belarus since 2012. The legal norms in the country are quite favorable in comparison with international practice. Serious restrictions in the procedure for ovum donation are absent.

Both married and single woman with children can be participants of the donor program. There are no restrictions on the number of cycles of donation for one woman. In practice, from one to six cycles are carried out depending on the woman’s wishes and health status. Modern technologies allow the retrieval of ova, and then storing them in a frozen form.

Link to legislation of Belarus on surrogacy

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