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The Available Packages Are In Vitro Fertilization And Ovum Donation

Artificial insemination outside the human body is now used not only in infertility treatment protocols, but also in surrogacy programs. This medical technology makes it possible for parents to have a baby, which is connected with them biologically. At the same time, the surrogate mother is a gestational courier, (is not genetically related to the child to be born).

The effectiveness of the IVF method over the past decades has significantly increased. There were about 600 unsuccessful attempts before the first successful “in vitro fertilization” was performed in the distant 1978. Now the probability of IVF success is 30-70%. Since surrogate mothers are healthy women, the chances of pregnancy in the near future are very high.

Ovum donation is another additional opportunity for couples participating in surrogacy programs. The SurMom surrogacy center has an extensive base of female donors around the world. All of them undergo extensive health checks and are psychologically ready to provide help to people who dream of having children.

The option with ovum donation is suitable in cases when a woman’s oocytes can not be extracted for fertilization for health reasons. Also, donor programs are a chance for same-sex couples to have a child.

If the dream of parenthood becomes the meaning of life, it is necessary to act! Modern science and medicine expands the opportunities for the realization of this dream every day!

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