About SurMom surrogacy Center

The Surmom Family Creating Family Center was founded by our CEO, Ida Brown, to serve a dream. Ida is a mother herself and knows both the joys and challenges of attempting to start a family. She has raised her children in an atmosphere of support and warmth and brings that same quality to her career, where she pairs it with professionalism and reliability.

However, despite her own success in starting a family, she understood that for some, medical conditions and other issues created huge obstacles to fulfilling a dream that many took for granted, and it became her goal to help these couples.

Ida worked tirelessly to create this pathway for burgeoning families, engaging with health systems and understanding the dynamics between surrogacy, egg donation, and in vitro fertilization techniques to cover the broadest range of surrogacy options available to couples.

Once she perfected the medical dynamics of surrogacy, she focused on legal and international processes to ensure that her services were available not just to the locals of Georgia but to anyone in the world that needed her help.

A Team Effort

As everyone knows, starting a family doesn’t happen alone, and Ida Brown’s personal family is complemented by the professional “Found Family” she has teamed up with and works alongside to help couples worldwide bring their dream to life of starting their own family. In addition to Ida herself, the team consists of:

Dimitri Friedman: Director of Development & Finance
Gil Leibowitz: Legal advocate for general Family Law and Surrogacy Law
Teams of Physicians
Teams of Personal Consultants
Logistics Teams

All are working together so that when two people come to the center, they eventually leave with a newborn and the promise of a new life together as a family.

Family Values Are Professional Values

Ida and her team go by the maxim “Surmom – Family Creates Family.” And this means espousing the family values Ida raised her children with and putting them into professional practice. It means that during the process of surrogacy, couples that come to the center will be treated with:


Every couple is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve as they work together to find an alternative to traditional child-rearing, with no judgment about their circumstances or decision. They are treated like family, and together they address all their concerns.


Professional guidance in the form of counseling and consultations is provided for couples at every step, answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing the help needed while seeking a surrogate mother and any other procedures required.


There are no secrets or mysteries with Surmom. Couples are always kept informed of what is happening. They will never have to guess about progress, the status of the surrogate mother search, the health of the surrogate mother and the baby, or the delivery process.


Surmom can be trusted to handle every phase of the process. Whether it is finding a suitable surrogate mother that a couple is comfortable with, or handling the delicate techniques involved in in vitro fertilization, all of the stages are completed with results couples can count on.


Starting a family is a serious undertaking and is treated as such by Surmom. In addition, once the baby is born, “outgoing” concerns, such as ensuring the safe, legal status of the newborn upon returning to the country of residence, are handled by the center on behalf of the couple.

Surmom provides four paths to starting a family:

  • Surrogacy using the egg of the surrogate mother herself
  • Surrogacy using a donated egg
  • Surrogacy with frozen embryos
  • Surrogacy with two surrogates

Each choice gives couples full support, including:
Thorough search and verification for the surrogate mother and donated eggs, if required.
Constant availability in the preferred language to handle questions and concerns and provide assistance, guidance, and counseling if required.
Accompaniment and personal support before, during, and after the surrogacy process.
Administrative handling of all documents and bureaucratic requirements appropriate to the country of residence.
Legal procedures to ensure the citizenship of the newborn and legitimate entry back to the chosen country of residence.
The Surmom – Family Creating Family Center invites you to be part of our family and start your new life together as a family with us.

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