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Calculation of the Cost of Surrogacy

Calculation of the Cost of SurrogacySince surrogacy requires considerable financial resources, it is important for program participants to understand exactly where the money is going and how these costs are justified. Let’s consider the logic of the formation of the cost of surrogacy with SurMom Company.

Surrogate mother’s fee

This is the main expenditure item during the implementation of the program. The procedure of IVF and further gestation requires considerable physical and emotional efforts from the woman. Biological parents need to understand that the future child’s health largely depends on the honesty and responsibility of the surrogate mother.

According to generally accepted international standards, surrogate mothers are entitled to monthly compensation for the purchase of food, special clothes for pregnant women, vitamins, and sometimes medicines prescribed by doctors. Also, the surrogate mother’s expenses for a trip to the clinic, supervision by a gynecologist, and childbirth are reimbursed. The total amount of the fee may vary with multiple pregnancies. A separate plan for payment of surrogate mother’s services is provided in case an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy is needed.

Medical procedures

The success of the surrogacy program is mostly related to the quality of medical services. The SurMom family does not consider it possible and reasonable to save on the medical component of the program. For the most effective procedures, the best Israeli reproductive specialists, embryologists, obstetricians, neonatologists are involved in the programs.

These specialists carry out quality control of the diagnostic process, ovum donation, IVF, pregnancy monitoring, and childbirth in clinics abroad. Services of reputable specialists in the field of reproductology are not cheap. However, they help to minimize risks and achieve the desired goal.

Services of lawyers

If the efforts of specialists in medicine contribute to the birth of a physically and mentally healthy child, lawyers provide the biological parents’ legal right to it. In each country, legislation on surrogacy has its own characteristics. It is difficult to understand these nuances for a foreign citizen without special education and knowledge of the language.

The payment of legal support ensures the development of an accurate contract with the surrogate mother, and after childbirth, the birth certificate of the baby, where the biological parents are recorded. Lawyers help to prevent controversial situations with the surrogate mother (for example: in connection with the requirement to raise the fee or with the desire of the woman to keep the child).

Additional expenses

One of the items of additional costs is logistics. We are talking about travels of biological parents abroad, booking tickets for airplanes, hotel rooms and transportation costs. Also, this item includes professional support for psychologists during the program. In some cases, the ability to relieve tension and stress through conversation with a specialist plays a great role.

With all diligence, it is impossible to predict completely how the IVF procedure and the subsequent pregnancy of the surrogate mother will be performed. The risk of complications exists, and it should be treated calmly. The SurMom family will make every effort to achieve your cherished goal. We believe in success, and our faith is justified!

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