Members of the big and friendly SurMom family understand what psychological difficulties you are experiencing in connection with entering the program of surrogacy and ovum donation. Surely, you have undergone numerous attempts to get pregnant, unpleasant treatment and bitter disappointments. However, we also help single people and same-sex couples with deep conviction in their right to parenthood.

Our company has a unique donor base in different countries of the world. We recommend you select a donor in the country where the surrogate mother lives. This will simplify the procedure of further use of ova as much as possible. In whatever country the procedure takes place, its quality will be controlled by Israeli specialists. A high quality of medical activities ensures the achievement of the desired result.

Features of obtaining ovum from a donor

In a woman’s body hundreds of ova mature throughout life. Each of them can give the beginning to a new life. However, certain health problems sometimes lead to a lack of oocyte production. In addition, many women after the age of 40 have ovules that are not suitable for fertilization. With the development of artificial insemination (IVF) technologies, reproductive specialists introduced the procedure for the use of donor ova.

Donation of oocytes is recommended in the absence of ovaries, early menopause, serious genetic diseases, and poor quality of native female sex cells. Using the ovum of a young healthy woman, you can speed up the process of achieving a surrogate mother’s pregnancy. Future parents will be able to realize their dream of a baby faster.

A rather complex, multi-stage medical procedure is used to obtain ovum. Under normal conditions, the female body during one menstrual cycle produces only one ovum, which leaves the follicle during ovulation. To increase the chances of successful embryo production in the IVF process, the production of a much larger number of oocytes is stimulated with the help of medication. This procedure is designated by the term “ovarian hyperstimulation”.

About ten donor’s ova are recovered after hyperstimulation. However, the course of follicle-stimulating hormones is associated with a certain discomfort and side effects. The donor during the ripening of follicles should be constantly monitored by specialists. The well-being and emotional calmness of the woman directly affects the quality of ova obtained from her.

The procedure for donor selection in SurMom center

Employees of the New Born Center are keen to follow the clients’ wishes. Firstly, a couple dreaming of parenthood wants to get a child as quickly as possible. Secondly, our customers often have their own idea of the baby’s appearance. For example, they dream that the child has the mom’s hair color, or eyes “like dad”. Therefore, clients quickly receive questionnaires of 2-3 candidates for ovum donation, which are selected for phenotypic signs. In addition, wishes for education, religion, hobbies, and creative skills can be taken into account.

Our company is engaged in the selection of candidates for the donation of oocytes in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and the USA. In these countries, the procedure for paying monetary compensation for ovum donation is legalized, which is motivation for women to participate in such programs. The database for candidates is practically unlimited. It consists of only young women aged 18-28 who underwent medical and psychosocial screening.

Preliminary hormonal preparation of the woman and extraction of oocytes by means of a puncture passes in specialized clinics abroad. SurMom cooperates with proven and reliable reproductive clinics that work under Israeli protocols. All key stages of oocyte donation are carried out under the control of authoritative Israeli specialists. The successful result of our programs is the sum of the knowledge, skills and efforts of the members of the big SurMom family!

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