Surrogacy in Georgia

In Georgia many medical centers operate under the highest European standards and therefore it has become a sought-after destination for many heterosexual couples and enables couples to fulfill their dream of parenting.

Why Georgia?

Although the law in Georgia only allows heterosexual couples to perform the procedure, it also allows unmarried couples living under a cohabitation agreement, which is a clear advantage for couples from all over the world who are interested in surrogacy but the law in their country does not allow it.

A unique Spanish-Georgian track – uncompromising professionalism

The “Surmom – Family Creating Family” center offers dedicated parents a unique surrogacy track in Georgia, which runs from start to finish at the Spanish-Georgian Fertilization Center Innova Medical Center

Georgia Inova Fertility Center was founded in 2016 as a joint and strategic project of Georgia and the Spanish Fertilization Center IV CENTER. The INNOVA Center is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology in the field, and can therefore give patients the full security when they arrive at the center. The INNOVA Center is equipped with the latest equipment of the latest generation, which is considered the leading equipment in its field in obstetrics and gynecology.

The equipment is highly innovative and up-to-date and is equipped with an electro-matrix transmitter that allows the fetus to be pathologically diagnosed, starting from week 8-9 of pregnancy.

The IVF laboratory in Inova is a first-class embryological laboratory equipped with the most advanced instrumentation units in the field, with the latest technology. This is where life is created, the place where embryos are created and prepared for return.

In the laboratory, an incubator that allows real-time photography, an incubator for growing fertilized eggs, microscopes connected to a micromanipulation system and a laser, which allows monitoring of the development of fertilized eggs, injection of a sperm cell into the egg cell (micromanipulation) and removal of a single cell for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The laboratory uses a fast-freezing method – vitrification. The laboratory has an automatic system for nitrogen filling, 24-hour structure control, containers for storing eggs, fertilized eggs and sperm samples.

Over the years, the Inova Center has treated hundreds of patients and has the highest success rates in the field, all thanks to its high-quality technologies and work according to the highest standards according to the European protocol and close cooperation with the IGENOMIX Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory.

Serum in Georgia – uncompromising professionalism

Another important point for the success of the surrogacy procedure is the fact that the Surmom Center has an international and multilingual logistics team that lives in Tbilisi and accompanies the procedure, the intended parents and the surrogate mother, from beginning to end.

Thus, Surmom clients who choose the surrogacy track in Georgia will enjoy the professional and personal guidance of physicians, embryologists, obstetricians and other experts in the fields relevant to surrogacy. Accompaniment begins with providing personal counseling to each couple, which aims to build a customized plan for them. Next, together with a professional and trained medical team, we employ a full team of experts of logistics people, lawyers and lawyers, psychologists, social workers and nurses, who accompany both the intended parents and the surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy and childbirth period.

Surmom’s staff are in constant contact and take care of transmitting regular and up-to-date information to parents intended wherever they are around the world. All media. In this way we ensure that the parents are full partners and receive regular reports on the surrogate’s condition and the progress of the pregnancy, including the results of the various pregnancy follow-up tests.

In addition, each couple can individually construct how they personally connect with the surrogate. Personal communication, its nature and regularity, depend entirely on the needs of the parents. It is carried out in various ways, from online means such as “Skype”, “WhatsApp”, “FaceTime” and the like, to personal visits to Georgia without any restrictions.

The Surmom Center offers parents of 3 surrogacy routes in Georgia:

Surrogacies in Georgia with ready-made embryos from the country of origin

Surrogacy and egg donation in Georgia with the sperm of the intended father

Egg donation in Georgia – For more information click here

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