Surrogacy in Mexico

In recent years, surrogacy for same-sex couples and individuals has become much more common. It has also been legalized in many countries, including Mexico in 2021. Our surrogacy track in Mexico supports the natural rights of each and every individual to have a baby and start a family through surrogacy. Although the procedure is relatively less expensive here, the clinics, medical equipment and professional teams maintain the highest global standards.

Located in Mexico City, InovaVita is a specialist fertility clinic that includes the option of egg donation. An experienced team of experts at the clinic offer a variety of services, including surrogacy programs at attractive prices. Without compromising on our standards of excellence, the InovaVita clinic provides the surrogacy option to straight couples, gay couples, single women and bachelors. We believe that everyone, regardless of religion or gender or sexual orientation, has the right to be a parent.

Backed by years of experience and thousands of supervised IVF procedures around the world, Surmom ensures peace of mind to future parents.

Potential surrogate women undergo comprehensive medical examinations and psychological evaluations before and during the surrogacy process. This testing and monitoring provides the best experience possible for everyone involved. 

The advantages of the InovaVita fertility clinic include a diverse, experienced and professional team of doctors and biologists in the field of fertility combined with the use of the most innovative technologies in the world in the field of in vitro fertilization and endourology. This combination ensures positive results for our clients.

At InovaVita, we believe that the dream of becoming parents is one that everyone should be able to realize. This is why we have created customized routes for each couple or individual. We closely accompany our would-be parents with direct personal contact throughout the process – from the very beginning to the birth and afterwards, until all legal procedures are completed.

Unlike other countries, in Mexico the newborn in surrogacy is registered in the name of the parents at birth and not in the name of the surrogate mother. This is a significant and important advantage that does not exist elsewhere and makes the process simpler and easier.

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