Discount for Verifi/Prenetics Test

The SurMom International Center has prepared a unique gift for clients. For couples who participate in our surrogacy programs or ovum donation next year, we’re offering a discount on an innovative Verifi test. The specific amount of the discount depends on your service package.

What is a Verifi test?

This term designates a simple blood test, which is just as effective as complex invasive procedures like amniocentesis and chorionic biopsy. Today, it is the most advanced prenatal screening test. It can identify 18 major chromosomal abnormalities and fetal anomalies.

The research is conducted at a very early stage of pregnancy (starting with the tenth week). If the test results show a chromosomal abnormality, the biological parents have enough time to decide whether to stop the surrogate mother’s pregnancy.

How is the Research Conducted?

The Verifi test uses special equipment manufactured by Illumina, one of the world leaders in the field of genetic diagnostics. The required blood volume for the study is only 7-10 cm³. The effectiveness of the test is not affected by weight, ethnicity, or the fact that the pregnancy is a result of IVF (and therefore lacks a genetic connection with the fetus). The test is also suitable for multiple pregnancies.

The results are obtained through a massively-parallel identification sequencing process. The test allows us to identify chromosomal abnormalities, which subsequently lead to the development of various syndromes (including Down, Edwards, Patau, Turner – Shereshevsky, Klinefelter, Jacobs, Angelmann, Prader – Willy and Wolf – Hirschhorn). The data from this test is also useful for the same biological parents when planning a future pregnancy.

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