Surrogacy abroad: from the dream
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Surrogacy in Mexico

In recent years, surrogacy for same-sex couples and individuals has become much more common. It has also been legalized in many countries, including Mexico in 2021. Our surrogacy track in Mexico supports the natural rights of each and every individual to have a baby and start a family through surrogacy. Although the procedure is relatively less expensive here, the clinics, medical equipment and professional teams maintain the highest global standards.

Surrogacy In Georgia

Georgia is a European country located in the eastern part of the continent, bordered by Turkey, Armenia, and the Black Sea. While many recognize it for its cultural and historical importance as part of the “Silk Road,” today it is also recognized for its world-class medical facilities and its friendly legal openness and recognition of traditional couples that wish to start a family through surrogacy.

Surrogacy In Colombia

Surrogacy is one path to starting a new life as a family with a newborn baby for those who cannot pursue the conventional route. While many places in the world offer people a path to surrogacy, Colombia is quickly becoming one of the most popular and progressive because of the country’s liberal attitude towards the definition of family.


An international team of professionals is at your service at SurMom surrogacy Center. Cooperation with the best Israeli reproductologists and compliance with high world standards guarantees the effectiveness of programs in accordance with your wishes.

1. Choosing a Path and Arranging a Contract Tailored to Your Needs

The birth and the regulation of the status of the newborn are the most exciting parts of the procedure, but they also encrypt a great deal of stress and various...

2. Choosing a Surrogate and / or Donor – Your Way

Do you have different preferences regarding the surrogate and the donor (religion, appearance, education, degree of involvement in the process and more)? We have the largest and most diverse database...

3. The Medical Procedure for Fertilization – Guaranteed Success in Advance

Before starting IVF, the surrogate, the donor and the intended parents will undergo a series of tests that will ensure the success of the fertilization and the absorption of the...

4. The Fertilization Phase – Medical Excellence and Technological Innovation

Maturation of embryos to stage five (blastocysts) and return of fresh embryos. The fertilization phase begins with the extraction of the mature eggs from the donor ovaries and the provision...

5. Pregnancy Follow-up: With your Hand on the Pulse, You and the Surrogate All the Way

The surrogate receives close medical supervision and follow-up of the pregnancy, and the intended parents receive regular reports on the condition of the fetus.

6. The Birth and Regulation of the Legal Status of the Newborn – You Are Not Alone!

The birth and the regulation of the status of the newborn are the most exciting parts of the procedure, but they also encrypt a great deal of stress and various...



Watch Them All

We accompany you along every path of the surrogacy procedure

Medical support

SurMom Surrogacy Center monitors the medical procedures carried out by the top Israeli experts in the field. These world renowned fertility leaders have mastered innovative techniques in the field of reproductology. Monitoring the health status of all participants in the program is the key to achieving success. Medical procedures are carried out in the best local clinics abroad with the involvement of both local and Israeli specialists.

Logistics services

SurMom Surrogacy Center specialists will take care of your comfort at every stage of the surrogacy program. We will help you select a surrogate mother and arrange trips to the country where she lives. You will not have to buy tickets, book a hotel or organize transportation. This is all included in our services. We will also manage the transportation of frozen embryos.

Legal support

SurMom Surrogacy Center cooperates with top experts in family law. Some of these legal representatives have also been through a surrogacy program. Legal support begins with the signing of a contract between a surrogate mother and the newborn’s parents. It ends with the registration of the child’s valid citizenship and the parent’s rights to the child. The legality of the procedure for biological parents is ensured according to the law of the country where the child is born.

Psychological help

For future biological parents, surrogacy is filled with emotion, including anxiety and impatience. The majority of new parents go through a long and exhausting path before reaching a decision on surrogacy. You are not alone! Specialists at the SurMom Surrogacy Center, where family creates a family, will provide you with psychological support during difficult times. Our goal is to bring more happy parents into our family.










Artificial Insemination

Pregnancy of a surrogate mother comes as a result of the procedure of artificial fertilization of the ovum with the sperm in laboratory conditions. The embryo created as a result of IVF is grown for five days (blastocyst) and then replanted in a surrogate mother.

Using a Frozen Embryo

It is possible to use the embryo after cryopreservation. Cryopreservation is the latest technology that allows embryos with the same genetic stock to be used. Thus, future children are genetically related to their brothers and sisters. All unused embryos are frozen and stored in special conditions under constant monitoring.

Donation of the Ovum

SurMom Surrogacy offers you a huge choice of ovum donors from different countries. We will satisfy your requests regarding age, appearance, education, religion etc.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

The PGD method is a genetic check that excludes hereditary diseases in the embryo/child. This check is made with the mature embryo (from IVF) before it is replanted in the surrogate mother. This method also permits you to determine the sex of the unborn child

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The Pros And Cons Of Surrogacy

Intended parents who cannot conceive on their own may consider surrogacy. Surrogacy is where a woman agrees to carry a child to


We have many and varied means to ensure that you can fulfill your dream of parenting and family this year and in a way that suits your unique needs, abilities and requirements.
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