1. Choosing a Path and Arranging a Contract Tailored to Your Needs

The birth and regulation of the status of the newborn are the most exciting parts of the procedure, but they also entail a great deal of stress and various concerns. We will be with you every moment.

During the birth phase and the regulation of the status of the newborn, Surmom takes full command. In the weeks before the birth, we make sure that the surrogate gets close follow-up with the future obstetrician. This close follow-up allows us to have an indication of the expected date of birth. We invite the new parents to attend the birth. The biological parents will enjoy the happy moment of the new baby joining their family. The birth, whether it is in Israel or abroad, occurs in the most advanced medical centers. Maternity rooms are equipped with the highest level of medical equipment and expert medical staff who are skilled in surrogacy.

At this stage, we at SurMom also accompany the intended parents – we take care of coordinating their arrival to the country of birth, booking accommodation and transportation arrangements for them and much more. Immediately after birth, the baby passes to the new parents. While the baby is meeting his/her new family, citizenship procedures and formal affiliations are completed. SurMom’s team is skilled in these processes. So while you are busy with your new family, we take care of the rest!

In the delivery room you will receive the newborn baby’s birth certificate, where you will be registered as the father and mother. At the same time, the surrogate mother signs an affidavit waiving her rights. After discharge from the hospital abroad, you and your baby are transferred to a designated SurMom apartment. You stay there until your legal status is settled. The apartment is equipped with every necessity for the new baby and parents. Our staff is at your disposal for everything you need (shopping, laundry, travel to the hospital and embassy, translation services and more). We even provide you with nurse services once a week.

At the end of the regulation of the newborn’s legal status (a formal procedure that lasts about three weeks), a passport is printed for the baby and the new family is released to return home. We accompany you to the airport and send you safely back home to start your new life.

It is important to us that you take the time to experience the birth of the baby, get to know the newborn, and take the trip back to your home country together as a family.