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Prantenko family

“For our family, the birth of a baby is a great miracle. We recently lost an adult son and could no longer have children naturally by virtue of age. Now a new world has opened up for us. Many thanks to the SurMom staff! You are caring, sympathetic and very skilled!”


Valery Kryuchkova

My dream of being a mother ended after a tubal pregnancy. Then I had an operation for the removal of the appendage. Hormonal processes were disrupted. IVF attempts were unsuccessful. At 35, I’m happy that I finally became a mother. It was a long journey. I thank SurMom for my baby!”


Mark and Den

“At home, we still can’t officially marry, because we are a same-sex couple. We could not even dream of paternity. But thanks to chance, we got into the SurMom Company’s program. Now we are both dads who love one cute little guy.”


Sergey Voznitsa

“Now, when I hold my son in my arms, I understand: paternity is the highest high. My wife and I tried to have a baby for a long time. Stress, miscarriages… My wife’s health was in question. We could not take any more risks. The SurMom program opened a new happy page in our life….


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