Letter of recommendation from Keren and Michael

We are a young couple from Tel Aviv, we tried to get pregnant naturally, but since all our attempts were unsuccessful, and after consulting with doctors, we decided to turn to a new way – through surrogacy.
In November 2018 after an in-depth online check, we decided to contact Ida from Surom. We arrived in Ida very sad, but with a great desire to cling to the goal of having a child. Ida met us with a smile, and shared with us in detail all the possibilities before us. It is important to note that from the first meeting to the end of the process Ida and her staff were very patient, considerate of our difficulties, and had a sympathetic ear for us.
We started the process in early 2019, at first there were various difficulties in the process regarding the genetic tests we wanted to test, and only then do a repeat. This process took us a long time, frustration and disappointment in light of failures in the absorption of the embryos that underwent external intervention. Ida and her team did not give up on us, supported and encouraged us to continue to stick to the goal.
In March 2020 Corona came into the world and devoured all the cards. We have decided not to have a child when such a significant epidemic is raging all over the world.
Finally, patience paid off for us, and in June 2021 we were informed that there was a pregnancy, and then we learned that we were expecting a daughter. Throughout our pregnancy we received updates, photos and video to feel a significant part of this important process, despite the geographical distance between the country and Georgia. Surom Company and its staff were very available to us, and made us feel most at home.
On 16.2.2022 we had a stunning girl, the most beautiful we could only dream of and her name was Karin. Karin was born earlier than expected, so we did not get organized for the flight and the birth. Ida’s staff reassured us parents, sent us photos and videos, and most importantly helped us obtain a flight ticket from one day to the next. The lovely Rebecca met us in Georgia and we were right next door. Rebecca supported us from A to Z. All our questions were answered promptly with great tolerance and great desire. Rebecca helped us find an apartment that would meet our needs, and helped a lot in mediating with the landlady.
We Keren and Michael would like to thank Ida and the amazing staff of the Surom Company, and recommend going through the significant process of bringing a child into the world with the help of this company.
See you in the next process !!!!!
Thank you!!!!
Karen and Michael