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Surrogacy in GeorgiaAccording to the legislation of the country, biological parents are immediately recorded in the child’s information sheet, so they can leave with him without delay. This birth certificate does not differ in any way from the information sheet of a child born naturally. To record the biological parents on this document, the consent of the surrogate mother is not required.

Specialists of the SurMom company directly organize the medical process of surrogacy. Diagnostic tests of surrogate mothers and genetic tests of the parents’ biological material (sperm, ovum, embryos) in Georgian clinics are conducted under Israeli protocols and under the supervision of Israeli experts (reproductive specialists, embryologists, gynecologists, laboratory technicians).

Georgia is a convenient country for recreation. The proximity of the mountains, the seashore, the abundance of mineral springs, and the stunning beauty of its landscapes contribute to a good atmosphere for couples who are experiencing excitement related to the expectation of their child’s birth. A trip to this country can be a period of rest and acquaintance with a new interesting culture.

Link to legislation of Georgia on surrogacy

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