Chen Association for Productivity and Life

“We at Chen for Productivity and Life want to say thank you to the Surom family who accompany us in various processes and contribute and help many couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents with great professionalism and dedication.
Chen Fertility and Life Association was formed in 1998 to help those couples who suffer from infertility. The aim of the association is to improve and promote the quality of life of various populations through fertility treatments, including raising awareness among the public about the issue of fertility problems and disseminating information on innovations in the field of infertility treatment.
“Surom – Family Creates Family” helps us improve and promote the quality of life of different populations through fertility treatments. We at Chen Fertility and Life believe that our collaboration with Surom promotes our common sacred goal – to help couples in such an important and sensitive process not to be alone and know that there is someone who cares for them and goes with them all the way. “