2. Choosing a Surrogate and / or Donor – Your Way

Do you have different preferences regarding the surrogate and the donor (religion, appearance, degree of involvement in the process and more)? We have the largest and most diverse pool of donors and surrogates in the world.

Before you choose the surrogate mother with whom you will go through the process, as well as the egg donor, SurMom consults with you about expectations. In the meeting, your needs regarding the donor (appearance, height, hair color, religion, etc.) and the surrogate will be discussed. For example, how much contact you want to have with the surrogate throughout the procedure, whether you want (or not) to be present at the various pregnancy and birth tests, whether you want her consent to perform a cesarean section if necessary and more. Depending on these expectations, we offer you a number of surrogates and donors from our database that are right for you. From these, you will select 2-3 candidates. Once these candidates undergo additional tests, a final candidate will be chosen.

Surom has a pool of surrogates and egg donors who come from a wide and large variety of countries and origins, including Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Spain, the United States, Israel and more. This variety allows us to ensure an optimal fit to the needs of the intended parents. It is equally important that the procedure can begin immediately with no need to wait.