5. Pregnancy Follow-up: With your Hand on the Pulse, You and the Surrogate All the Way

During the surrogacy period, the surrogate receives medical support and close pregnancy follow-up. The intended parents receive regular reports on the condition of the fetus.

Medical accompaniment and pregnancy follow-up are conducted at the most advanced medical centers available. Medical staff who specialize in surrogacy and post-fertilization pregnancies (that require a specialized follow-up in the first trimester) perform the check-ups. Pregnancy follow-up is conducted according to an international protocol that sets high and strict standards. Equally important, throughout the pregnancy the intended parents receive regular reports on the various tests, their results and their significance. If they choose, they may also accompany the surrogate for tests and obtain the results (if agreed in advance in the contract).

All of these are closely monitored by the medical and administrative staff of SurMom in Israel and abroad. This team is responsible for both the surrogate mother’s medical well-being and assistance with everything she needs, including monitoring tests, coordinating their times and ensuring transportation to them. We are there for you and the surrogate to meet all of your needs.