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Surrogacy in USAMany states have convenient legislation concerning surrogate motherhood for single people and same-sex couples.

In recent decades, the United States has ranked first in the world for quality of medical care. A large number of women today go to this country for childbirth. Surrogacy programs are implemented at a very high level in the USA. SurMom Company, with the care of family values, will support you at every step of the way to the birth of your baby in America.

US Citizenship at birth

The surrogacy practice is legalized and widespread in most US states. The most favorable legislation is available in California, where many couples come from different parts of the world. Anyone can use the services of a surrogate mother, regardless of their marital status, gender and sexual orientation. The joy of parenting is available to same-sex couples, as well as single mothers or fathers.

The procedure for registering the child is extremely simple. There is no need for the biological parents to adopt the child if the birth mother refuses. The surrogate mother has no genetic connection with the child to be born. The embryo, grown under laboratory conditions, is inserted in her through IVF. This practice minimizes the probability of personal attachment.

An excellent “bonus” for a child born in the USA is citizenship of the country, according to the so-called “soil right”. It is received by all children who were born in America, regardless of the citizenship and nationality of the parents. Great prospects are opened before the child from the moment of birth, even if the biological parents take the baby back to their home country. Immediately after the birth of the baby a corresponding package of documents is issued, confirming US citizenship. Later, the child will be able to obtain a second citizenship in the country where he goes with his parents.

US advanced medical technologies

Surrogacy programs include the most modern medical services, which minimize risks. For example, an extensive, complex check of the surrogate mother’s psychological health is conducted; genetic tests of the parents’ biological material (sperm, oocytes) are carried out.

Beforehand, SurMom Company provides completed questionnaires of candidates who are ready to become surrogate mothers. In some cases, clients already have someone who is willing to bear a child. However, experience shows that candidates tested by our company are more reliable. Some of them have nurtured children for surrogacy programs a number of times, and completed the process without any problems.

Employees of SurMom Company take care of the full range of services related to surrogacy. We cooperate with authoritative and reliable IVF clinics in the USA, as well as laboratories for genetic diagnosis. We also provide legal support. All medical and legal documents are translated into the native language of the biological parents. If necessary, they are certified by a notary.

Cost of surrogacy in the USA

The cost of surrogacy in the USA is higher than in other countries on our list (Georgia, Ukraine, and Belarus). But efficiency, safety and comfort are guaranteed. The price is affected by the option of surrogacy. This can be the use of gametes (spermatozoa and ovums) of the parents themselves or the use of donor material.

The price of surrogate motherhood includes the following items:

  1. Preliminary examination of a potential biological mother and a candidate for surrogate mothers.
  2. Analysis of the man’s sperm to decide whether donor material is necessary.
  3. Genetic research of parents.
  4. IVF protocol according to the ICSI method (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to increase the chances of fertilization.
  5. Monitoring of pregnancy by qualified gynecologists and obstetricians.
  6. Coverage of surrogate mother’s expenses for food, necessary medicines, and other needs specified in the contract.
  7. Payment for the parturition.
  8. The services of a lawyer for the conclusion of a contract with a surrogate mother and the registration of documents for the child after childbirth.
  9. Registration of insurance policy.
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