All the Reasons to Start a Surrogacy Procedure in Georgia

As you may already be well aware, the surrogacy process is a complex yet rewarding journey for those looking to build or expand their families. 

As the demand for these surrogacy services grows, many intended parents are exploring more international options, and one destination that has gained a good amount of prominence is Georgia.

Let’s dive into the reasons why the surrogacy process in Georgia may be more favorable, and then we will outline the surrogacy process step by step to give you a greater understanding of what you can expect. 

1. A More Favorable Legal Framework for Surrogacy in Georgia

One of the main reasons Georgia has become such a popular place for surrogacy is due to its supportive legal framework. The country has established clear and favorable laws regarding surrogacy, making it a safe and secure option for intended parents wanting to take this path. 

Unlike some other countries, Georgia allows commercial surrogacy, and the legal processes ensure that intended parents have full parental rights from the very beginning of the surrogacy arrangement. 

2. Affordable Surrogacy Services

Cost is one of the major factors for those considering surrogacy. Georgia offers competitive and affordable surrogacy services compared to many Western countries. The cost of living in Georgia is relatively lower, making it an attractive option for those who want high-quality surrogacy services without emptying their bank accounts. 

Intended parents can find a range of surrogacy packages through an international surrogacy agency that includes medical procedures, legal fees, and surrogate compensation. 

3. Experienced Medical Professionals

Georgia also boasts of a high standard of medical care. They also have experienced professionals in the field of reproductive medicine. Fertility clinics in this country are also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and medical professionals are well-trained when it comes to the most updated and latest assisted reproductive technologies. 

Intended parents looking to start a surrogacy procedure in Georgia can have confidence in the expertise and professionalism of Georgian medical professionals they meet throughout the entire surrogacy process.

4. A More Diverse Pool of Surrogates

Another reason to start a surrogacy process in Georgia is because of its diverse and extensive pool of qualified and compassionate surrogate mothers. These surrogates undergo a thorough screening process that ensures their physical and emotional well-being. It also cements their commitment to the surrogacy journey.

The availability of this kind of diverse group of surrogates allows the intended parents to find a suitable match that most closely aligns with their values as well as their preferences.

5. More Efficient Surrogacy Process Step by Step

Now, understanding the surrogacy process step by step is also important if you are considering starting a surrogacy process in Georgia. This country is known for its transparency and efficiency. Here is a brief and simplified step by step surrogacy process to help fill in some blanks you may have. 

  • The Initial Consultation: Every surrogacy journey begins with an initial consultation with an international surrogacy agency. This is an opportunity for the intended parents to discuss their goals, expectations, and any concerns they may have about the process.
  • Surrogate Matching: Once the decision to proceed with the surrogacy is made, the next step is finding a suitable surrogate for your family. The international surrogacy agency will facilitate this matching process for you based on different compatibility factors like medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences. 
  • Legal Procedures: Legal agreements are a crucial part of the surrogacy process. In Georgia, the legal framework supports surrogacy. Intended parents can work with legal professionals to come up with a surrogacy agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved.
  • Medical Procedures: Once all the legal matters have been settled, the medical portion of the process can begin. This involves fertility treatments, embryo creation, and implantation. Throughout this step of the process, the surrogate’s health is monitored closely along with the development of the pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy and Birth: Once the surrogate becomes pregnant, the pregnancy continues to be monitored closely, and the intended parents are kept up to date with everything. When the baby is born, the legal procedures in the country ensure a smooth transition of parental rights to the intended parents. 
  • Post-Birth Support: The international surrogacy agency and clinics often provide post-birth support to help the surrogate and the intended parents navigate the emotional aspects of the surrogacy journey. 

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the reasons behind starting a surrogacy journey in Georgia and a better idea of the steps involved, you can see how embarking on this kind of journey is certainly a significant decision that involves careful consideration.

Georgia has emerged as a favorable destination for surrogacy as it offers a supportive legal environment, affordable services, experienced professionals, and a streamlined surrogacy process step by step.