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Matan Hodorov

Matan HodorovLawyer, specialist in family law

Surrogacy is a process that includes ethical and legal aspects in addition to the medical component. The SurMom family center provides its clients with legal support from an experienced specialist in this field – lawyer Matan Hodorov and employees of his company.

First of all, Matan Hodorov is the father of three children born due to his participation in surrogacy programs. He personally experienced the emotions, fears and hopes that are associated with this process. Matan Hodorov is simultaneously a highly qualified lawyer and a member of the big SurMom family.
Matan Hodorov’s law firm deals with the entire complex of legal support for the surrogacy procedure: from the conclusion of a contract between the parties to the registration of the biological parents’ rights for a child.

Laws in the field of surrogacy vary in different countries of the world. Only by attaining a lawyer specializing in this field biological parents guarantee for themselves the protection of their right to the child. Advocacy is extended to the process of registering the child’s citizenship in the country of biological parents’ residence. Matan Hodorov’s law firm also administers the procedure of ovum donation.

To ensure maximum support to the clients of SurMom Center, Matan Hodorov personally visited target countries where surrogacy programs are implemented. He conducted an in-depth study of the legal framework and accumulated successful practical experience assisting clients.

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