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Ida Baron

Founder and CEO of SurMom Center

Ida BaronFirst of all, Ida Baron is a wife and a mother to three children. She has a classical medical education, and also graduated from Ridman College (training in complementary and integrative medicine). For many years Ida Baron has worked in various healthcare institutions, including 12 years at the Asaf-ha-Rofe clinic and 5 years in the field of medical tourism.

Along with her professional career and personal growth, I. Baron managed to become an exemplary mother for her children; she has maintained warmth and comfort in her family for many years. Great respect for family values encouraged Ida to sacrifice ova for the surrogacy program. Later, she began to organize the surrogacy process on a professional basis, gradually accumulating knowledge and experience.

Ida Baron managed to establish partnerships with many participants of surrogacy programs and ovum donation in Israel and abroad. She is convinced: family is the greatest value in human life; every person has the right to realize his or her desire for parenthood. To this end, the necessary conditions for potential parents to receive a warm welcome, professional advice and support were created at SurMom. Here you will always be listened to, helped, and provided with medical and legal assistance.

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