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Issues regarding the legal regulations of surrogacy are resolved with the highest standards, and the rights of biological parents are guaranteed.

The complex of international legal norms in the field of surrogacy is a difficult area of jurisprudence. To provide legal assistance to SurMom clients, only experienced lawyers are involved.

Our lawyers specialize in studying the norms of family and other branches of law in countries where surrogate mothers live. This knowledge helps represent the interests of biological parents effectively.
The company’s lawyers develop and maintain the contract between the biological parents and the surrogate mother. Also, clients are assisted in obtaining a birth certificate.

Legal support ensures the recording of biological parents in the child’s information sheet and the collection of documents for an unrestricted departure with the child to their homeland. The baby is recognized as a citizen of the country of his parents.

Matan Hodorov Gil Ovadia Leibovich
Matan Hodorov

Lawyer, Specialist in family law

Gil Ovadia Leibovich

Lawyer, Specialist in family law

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