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Ovum Donation In Ukraine

Ovum donation in UkraineThe chances of quickly finding an ovum donor and a surrogate mother in Ukraine are very high. Many young and healthy women in the country are ready for a quite moderate reward to help childless couples experience the happiness of parentage. SurMom Company has partnerships with the best reproductive medicine clinics in the country. The effectiveness of medical procedures is provided by the control of experienced Israeli specialists.

Principles of donor selection

SurMom Center’s extensive database of candidates for ovum donation in Ukraine allows our clients to have a wide variety of options. Wishes regarding the appearance of the donor will be taken into account. Ukrainian women have become famous for their beauty all over the world. We will approach the selection of candidates for oocyte donation with special attention, considering the complexion, color and type of hair, facial features and skin color of the donor.

To provide clients with impeccable quality of services, a careful candidate selection procedure for oocyte donors is followed. The absence of health problems, significant defects in appearance, as well as psycho-emotional stability are considered. Their marital status, parenthood status, and their health are also taken into account.

Medical specifics of the programs

Reproductive technologies in Ukraine have been developing very successfully over the past decades. A number of specialized clinics use the most advanced equipment and new methods. Reproductive specialists who deserve international recognition practice in this country. Joint Israeli-Ukrainian centers work effectively.

Today, there are many examples when couples re-select Ukraine for ovum donation and surrogacy procedures. Unused embryos and ova can be frozen by an innovative method of vitrification and transferred to the country of the parents’ residence for storage in cryobank.

Link to legislation of Ukraine on surrogacy

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