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Provision of Guarantees for the Protection of the Biological Parents’ Rights

Maternal instinct is one of the most powerful stimuli to action. Even if a woman gestates a child who does not have any genetic connection with her, the fetus is physically felt as part of the body. The surrogate mother can not always easily get rid of the feeling of kinship with the baby, whom she has been nursing for 9 months.

Earlier, there were cases when surrogate mothers refused to give the children to the biological parents. Legislation did not clearly regulate such issues. However, now every country has its own set of legal documents related to surrogacy. Some countries even prohibit this practice altogether.

SurMom Surrogacy Center implements programs in countries with the most favorable legal climate in this area. Biological parents are recorded on the birth certificate of the child. The surrogate mother does not have any rights to it. Registration of documents for the parents’ unobstructed departure with the child is carried out by qualified lawyers.

Thanks to the efforts of the company’s specialists, parents can spend the first exciting days near their baby. Our lawyers will monitor the accuracy of the entire legal process.

The key and final goal of the whole program from the SurMom Company is the acquisition of the child on legal grounds, which no one will ever be able to challenge!

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