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Professional Support for a Surrogate Mother During Pregnancy

For a woman, pregnancy is a special period in life, which is associated with physical changes and emotional experiences. Psychological balance disorders are partly caused by hormonal processes. It is difficult for a woman to control such conditions. When selecting candidates for surrogate mothers, psychological readiness for 9 months of fetal bearing is necessarily taken into account.

SurMom Surrogacy Center carries out comprehensive health checks for women who are ready to carry a baby for biological parents. Candidates meet the criteria adopted throughout the world. For example, among such requirements are an age of 18-35 years, the presence of their own healthy children, and the lack of physical and mental abnormalities.

Future biological parents choose a surrogate mother on the basis of her appearance and psychological profile. If desired, during the program you can stay in constant contact with this woman. At the same time, SurMom Company undertakes a very important mission – monitoring the pregnant woman’s psychological stability and physical health.

Often, women decide to become surrogate mothers to solve their economic problems. They do not always fully understand the importance of compliance with the terms of contract with the biological parents. Specialists of the SurMom Center are in constant communication with the women participating in the program.

Biological parents can be sure that pregnancy takes place under the most favorable conditions!

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