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Stages of Cooperation

Step 1. Selecting the package and signing the contract

With the assistance of our lawyer an agreement is concluded with the notary’s certification.

If you now decide to participate in the surrogacy program, you probably have a lot of questions for the experts. Contact our consultants, this will help you understand which package of our services suits you. If necessary, we will ask you to send your medical data or to be examined in the clinics recommended by us.

We have an option for the use of ovum of a biological mother or donor material. Many couples who come to us have already passed IVF protocols earlier. Frozen embryos often remain after that. They are quite suitable for use. The SurMom Center provides transportation of embryos abroad, to the country where the surrogate mother is located.

Stage 2. Selection of surrogate mother and donor of ovum

Clients are sent 2-3 candidates’ CVs by mail.

Each candidate for surrogate mothers or ovum donors fills out a questionnaire where her personal characteristics are disclosed, and information about education, hobbies, and religion is indicated. We understand that the appearance of the surrogate mother is important for many biological parents, so we are ready to provide a choice of women’s questionnaires that meet certain criteria.

At SurMom Center future parents are treated like members of a large family. For all of us it is very important that you will have a desired and beloved child. We try our best to meet your expectations.

Stage 3. Pre-procedural checks and consultations

Transportation and accommodation in the country of a surrogate mother is organized.

Each candidate who is entered in the database of the SurMom Surrogacy Center preliminarily undergoes a strict selection procedure. The woman passes comprehensive medical and psychological screening. The general state of health, history of previous pregnancies, living conditions, and absence of problems with the law are obligatorily analyzed.

Future parents are also sent for diagnosis and counseling. Sometimes it is necessary to make fundamental decisions about the donation of ovum, embryos or sperm. Experienced staff give their advice on how not to lose time in vain and quickly come to realize the dream of a baby.

Stage 4. IVF and return of fresh embryos

Various options: IVF, donor’s ovum, frozen embryo.

According to international standards, the embryo for the surrogacy program is obtained by in vitro fertilization, that is, under laboratory conditions. The surrogate mother has no genetic connection with the future child. To obtain an embryo, ovum and sperm of biological parents (or donors) are used.

If necessary, advanced reproductive technologies are used to increase the chances of success of IVF, in particular – ICSI and PIKSI. If there is a risk of developing hereditary diseases, preimplantation genetic diagnosis is performed. The embryo is implanted into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother before the 5th day of development.

Stage 5. Pregnancy monitoring and reporting to biological parents

Future parents are sent regular reports.

If after the embryo transfer pregnancy occurs, the surrogate mother is provided with proper care before childbirth. The woman receives the necessary medicines, carries out regular diagnostic procedures, and consults with the obstetrician-gynecologist according to the schedule.

Employees of SurMom Company are constantly in touch with the woman, watching her psycho-emotional and physical condition, and observance of a healthy way of life. Future parents can also contact her. In any case, they are periodically sent reports.

Stage 6. Registration of parental rights and issuance of documents for the child

A birth certificate is issued; documents for traveling with the child are collected.

The specifics of the procedure for issuing a birth certificate and the timing of the execution of travel documents with the child depend on the specifics of legislation of the country of the surrogate mother. In any case, biological parents will not have to visit government agencies to solve bureaucratic and legal issues.

All this is being handled by SurMom’s lawyers. These specialists help to collect a package of documents that provides the opportunity for the child to receive the citizenship of the country of his biological parents. Future parents can fully concentrate on the joyful experiences associated with the appearance of the baby.

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