Which star’s child was born from a surrogate mother?

The high life is full of gossip, intrigues and scandalous stories. The stars of show business quite often shock the public unwittingly or even intentionally. For example, the ambiguous reaction of others causes celebrities to appeal to the services of surrogate mothers. At the same time, the list of stars, whose children were born from surrogate mothers is supplemented each year with new names. Now it includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Ricky Martin, Elton John, and Nicole Kidman.

Kim Kardashian decided to raise her rating with the help of a story about surrogacy. The star is already raising two children with her husband. But she really wanted to give birth to a third. To do this, Kim even decided on a surgical operation. As a result of the intervention, the doctors came to a disappointing conclusion – she could not parturiate. Therefore, Kim publicly announced the search for a surrogate mother. This once again attracted attention.