Why Is the Popularity of Surrogacy in Colombia Increasing Recently?

In recent years, Colombia has emerged as a leading destination for surrogacy. They are gaining popularity among intended parents from around the world. The cultural richness, legal framework, and medical expertise in the country have contributed to its growing status as a surrogacy hot spot.

Let’s explore the key factors that are really driving this level of increasing popularity of surrogacy in Colombia. We will then give you a breakdown of the step-by-step surrogacy process.

High Level of Cultural Acceptance

Colombia is widely known for its warmth and acceptance. These attributes go far in making it an inviting destination for those who want to embark on the surrogacy process. Surrogacy is a compassionate way to help those struggling with infertility or other medical conditions fulfill their dreams of parenthood. 

The cultural openness and support in this country contribute greatly to the overall positive experience of intended parents throughout their surrogacy journey.

Much Needed Medical Expertise

Colombia boasts a well-established and even advanced medical infrastructure. This country is home to world-class fertility clinics and some of the top reproductive specialists. These medical professionals are renowned for their expertise and can ensure a higher standard of care throughout the entire surrogacy process. 

What can you expect when choosing Colombia for your surrogacy journey? Well, intended parents can expect comprehensive medical support, including fertility treatments, genetic screenings, and attentive prenatal care for surrogates.

The Complexities of the Legal Landscape

One of the primary reasons behind the surge in surrogacy in Colombia is the favorable legal environment. The country has established clear and supportive regulations for surrogacy arrangements, providing a secure foundation for intended parents. 

Unlike many other countries, Colombia permits both altruistic and commercial surrogacy, making it a much more attractive option for people wishing to build their families through surrogacy.

More Affordability for Intended Parents 

Compared to surrogacy options in some other countries, the cost of surrogacy in Colombia is often much more affordable. This affordability factor, combined with high-quality medical services and legal support, makes Colombia an attractive choice for intended parents.

Higher Ethical Standards

Colombia has clear ethical guidelines and standards when it comes to the surrogacy process. This level of attention and care ensures the protection and well-being of everyone involved. This includes the intended parents, surrogates, and the children born through the surrogacy process. 

The incredible level of emphasis on ethical practices in this country contributes to the positive reputation of Colombian surrogacy agencies and builds a much higher level of trust among those considering surrogacy.

The Colombian Surrogacy Process Step by Step

Now that we know a little more about why surrogacy in Colombia is so popular, let’s jump right into our surrogacy process step by step that outlines what you need to know and do:

Step One: Research and Choose a Reputable Surrogacy Agency

Start by researching international surrogacy agencies. Look for agencies with a solid reputation, positive client reviews, and a history of successful surrogacy journeys. Choose an agency that aligns with your values and requirements.

Step Two: The Consultation and Evaluation

Schedule a consultation with the international surrogacy agency. During this step, you’ll go through a thorough evaluation. This can include things like medical assessments, psychological screenings, and legal consultations. This step helps ensure that you are physically, emotionally, and legally prepared for the sometimes challenging surrogacy process.

Step Three: The Matching Process

Once you’ve been approved, the surrogacy agency will assist in matching you with a suitable surrogate. This involves considering compatibility in terms of medical history, values, and preferences. Establishing a strong and open relationship with your surrogate is crucial for a successful surrogacy journey.

Step Four: Understanding the Legal Framework

During this step of the surrogacy process, you will most likely begin working with legal professionals experienced in Colombian surrogacy law. They will be able to better assist you in navigating all of the complex legal aspects of the process. This includes drafting a surrogacy agreement that outlines everyone’s rights and responsibilities. 

Remember, Colombia has a very supportive legal framework, which helps ensure a much more secure foundation.

Step Five: Undergoing Fertility Treatments

The next step of the surrogacy process involves the surrogate undergoing fertility treatments. During this process, embryos are created using the gametes of the intended parents or donor gametes. The fertility clinic will provide in vitro fertilization (IVF) to facilitate the process of conception.

Step Six: Following Through With Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Once the surrogate becomes pregnant, regular prenatal care is essential for helping ensure a successful surrogacy process. The intended parents are welcome to attend medical appointments, ultrasounds, and other check-ups as much as possible so they can see firsthand that the surrogate and baby are doing well.

Step Seven: Experiencing the Birth and Post-Birth Legal Proceedings

The last step is being present for the birth of your child. Once this happens, the necessary legal proceedings will start to establish your parental rights. Colombian law recognizes intended parents as the legal parents from the moment of conception, simplifying the post-birth legal process.


As we have already touched on, the rising popularity of surrogacy in Colombia can be attributed to its favorable legal environment, cultural acceptance, medical expertise, affordability, and ethical standards. 

For those considering surrogacy to start their families, the step-by-step guide provided offers an overview of the surrogacy process in Colombia, emphasizing the importance of choosing a reputable international surrogacy agency and navigating the legal and medical aspects with care.

Colombia’s emergence as a surrogacy destination is not only transforming the lives of intended parents but also highlighting the country’s commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for those seeking to build their families through surrogacy.