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Doctor Theona Bagaturia

Doctor Theona BagaturiaObstetrician-gynecologist

Dr. Thea Bagaturia specializes in high-risk pregnancy and obstetrics. She received education at the Higher Medical School in Tbilisi. The doctor taught at this university for a long time. Since 2014, Dr. Bagaturia has been the head of the obstetrics department at the Hera Hospital in Tbilisi.

The Hera Hospital is a modern specialized medical institution that has been providing services in the areas of pregnancy follow-up, obstetrics and neonatology since 2000. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment to provide obstetrics. Hera also has operating rooms, an intensive care unit, antenatal clinic, and an in-patient department for high risk pregnant women.

Dr. Bagaturia has been practicing for many years in the field of prenatal monitoring and vaginal birth. For some time she worked in the Neu medical center in Georgia. Today, the doctor successfully collaborates with SurMom Center. She is engaged in monitoring the pregnancy of surrogate mothers, and their physical and emotional preparation for childbirth. She also provides obstetrician services at the Hera Medical Center.

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