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David Mekinulov

David MekinulovFinancial administrator at SurMom

First of all, David Mekinulov is a husband and a father of twins. He is the founder and CEO of I.M.C.S 21 ltd., which has been successfully providing medical tourism services for more than ten years. David has a master’s degree in health systems management. Now he is 42 years old.

As a specialist with extensive experience in health systems management, as well as a family man and exemplary father, David believes that professionalism, reliability and full transparency in relationships with clients are the foundation of a successful company. These values became the basis for SurMom Company.

For David, the activities in the organization of surrogacy programs are a global mission to realize the human right to feel like a parent. At SurMom Center David Mekinulov controls every stage of surrogacy and ovum donation. He is convinced that there are no really significant obstacles that can prevent the dream of parenthood from being realized.

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