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Graduate psychotherapists are there for communication with clients, in order to help them restore mental balance.

Participation in the surrogacy program is a difficult decision. There may be uncertainty, doubt and certain psychological discomfort at any stage. There are not always people who are ready to support and find the right words to say.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are an important part of the SurMom team. If other specialists work for the result, the psychologists provide emotional comfort during the process itself.

Clients have the opportunity to contact a psychologist online or by telephone at any time. Consultation of this specialist will help to set priorities correctly and confidently move towards the goal.

Getting help from a psychologist should not be regarded as a manifestation of weakness. Society has not yet formed an unambiguous attitude to surrogacy, so the surrounding people often put pressure on the future parents.

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Lorina Bean


Dorit Grinshfen


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