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Surrogacy in RussiaThe legislative regulation of surrogacy provides the same rights both for citizens of the country and for foreigners. SurMom has an extensive database of candidates for surrogate mothers, as well as for the donation of ovum, so our clients have unlimited choices. All medical procedures are carried out in the best clinics of reproductive medicine in the country.

Basic Medical Information

Surrogacy in Russia has been practiced since 1995. During this time an impressively successful degree of experience has been accumulated. The surrogacy program from SurMom Company begins with high-tech tests of fertility and general health of the candidates for surrogate mothers. The biological material of the parents is also carefully studied.

Ovum donation in Russia has certain advantages. There is no limit for ovarian hyperstimulation. Through the use of medications, you can get up to ten ova, which increases the chances of successful fertilization on the first try. There is also no restriction on the number of attempts at implantation of embryos to the surrogate mother. The only restriction is the medical expenses.


Unlike some European countries, the laws of the Russian Federation do not prohibit the practice of surrogacy on a commercial basis. If there are medical indications, only couples can use the services of a surrogate mother.

Immediately after the birth of the baby, the surrogate mother signs consent to document the rights of the biological parents. In the future, parents will not have problems with the registration of the citizenship of the child in their home country. The process of surrogacy in Russia for foreigners has been polished to perfection over many years.

Link to legislation of Russia on surrogacy

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